6 Benefits of Launching A Business Website With Launch Kits

Our team recently launched our new website and we absolutely love it – give it a look if you haven’t already explored! We worked with the team at Launch Kits to easily craft the messaging, design, and layout of our website in no time at all, for an extremely affordable cost. 

We love Launch Kits for many reasons, but here are our top 6 reasons why we ultimately decided to work with Launch Kits instead of an agency or site builder like Squarespace or Weebly. 

1. Super Fast Turnaround Time 

Launch Kits advertises they can launch an Apollo Kit (their basic option) in just 5 days and a Deluxe Kit (their more advanced version) in 10 days – and they’re not lying. While our team’s participation in the website process did influence the timeline, the team at Launch Kits works fast and keeps you up to date every step of the way. The process is simple and they hold your hand through it all, letting you know what they need from you, how close your site is to going live, and what the support looks like after your site makes the switch. 

10 days or less is not too good to be true. Unlike agencies that can take months to build, Launch Kits keeps their process simple and doesn’t overcomplicate things for the business owner. 

2. Extremely Affordable and Competitive Pricing 

Much like their quick turnaround times, the cost of each Launch Kit really is as good as it seems. Both Apollo Kits and Deluxe Kits can easily be *added to cart* with a simple purchase process. Deluxe Kits offer additional design and writing services that really are worth the upgrade for many businesses. In either option, an affordable monthly ongoing cost is associated with the website which covers everything from hosting and tools to unlimited support and training. 

No hidden fees. No surprises. The only other costs some businesses may have are optional add-ons for things like local listing bursts, SEO services, email inboxes, or PR services. 

3. A Friendly and Helpful Team That Led The Reigns 

The team at Launch Kits really sets this crew apart from others. They are always willing to answer questions, help where needed, and respond to emails or phone calls quickly. You never have to worry about chasing someone down for what you need. Rather, they are proactive about getting what they need to keep moving forward from you but are never pushy and run at the same speed as your business. 

With more than 500 startups launched by this team, they are also experts on everything from websites and SEO to marketing, design, and social media. While they don’t offer services in all of these areas, the team is quick to offer advice on things you may need and they genuinely have your best interests at heart. Think you’re overspending for Google ads? These guys will tell you what to expect! 

4. Simple Design Options and Revisions

The Launch Kit designs are simple to customize and every website has its own feel and flare. The designers work with you to capture your brand’s essence and make sure everything looks cohesive while also taking into consideration best practices, any ideas you may have, and everything in between. 

During the design process, the team will spin up a proposed development site for you to review. Oftentimes, this design is spot on for what entrepreneurs are wanting – but they love to say this version is ‘wet paint’ to play with. If you want things adjusted, they can easily make changes. Provide input and suggestions as you see fit. The team is extremely responsive to feedback and happy to make adjustments. 

5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Beyond the fast build and amazing price, one of our favorite aspects of working with Launch Kits is their ongoing support and maintenance for all clients. In the $50/mo ongoing fee, the Launch Kits team can handle any and all website edits that you’d like made. From updated copy to new photos and projects, simply email your edits to the support team and they handle things for you – usually in 24 hours or less. 

If you prefer to be hands on or have someone in house to make website edits, the Launch Kit team also offers a variety of training resources, from blogs and videos to custom training recordings specifically for you. Ask and you shall receive. 

6. Google Business Profile Setup 

Google Business Profile. Ever heard of it? While business owners can use site builders like Squarespace or Weebly to drum up a website design (although we don’t suggest doing so), site builders offer zero support when it comes to Google. All businesses should have a business listing through Google so those searching for the company or services you offer locally can easily find you. If you’re unfamiliar with GBP or don’t know where to start with setting one up, good news. Launch Kits also handles this for you! 

Simply complete the form they send you and their team handles the rest. They file the listing, verify the account, and then add you as a manager to the profile so you can keep up with reviews, questions, and more. 

Start Building Your Launch Kit Today!

If you’re in the market for a new website, Launch Kits would love to help you take off, too! Want to be found online for your business? Use the code ‘justlaunched’ to get $50 off a new Launch Kit since you saw this blog post and are using it to inspire your business launching online, too!

To the moon!


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